New Two-Tone Battle Mats from Chessex

New Two-Tone Battle Mats from Chessex

42 years ago Chessex launched its Battlemat lineup. Since then? Games have been played! The mat quickly became a staple for serious tabletop gamers. Featuring a soft vinyl surface, these mats allowed gamers to create their own game using the blocks or hexes throughout the map.

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Because these gaming mats are made of vinyl, you can’t use dry-erase markers or grease pencils for fear of staining or ruining the material. Instead you need to use water-based -overhead-projection pens to draw layouts on the surface of the Battlemat.

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Traditionally these gaming mats were made in an off-white eggshell color, but after 42 years they decided to change things up! This release has two different color combinations. One is a Green on one side and blue on the other; while, the other is black on one side and grey on the other. Like before, these mats come in hexes or squares.


Because these Battlemats are made of vinyl, Chessex considers them stain resistant (“spills wipe away easily”). Although this may be true, I wouldn’t advise letting that stain longer than you need to!

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Chessex wanted to release these new colors on the 40th anniversary, but they had some issues. Here is their official response:

We apologize for the long delay on releasing these new mats and for any frustration this may have caused. Even though these are entirely made in the USA, Covid-related production issues abounded throughout the process of getting these mats made. These commemorative mats were intended to mark the 40th anniversary of the Battlemat in 2021. Now, they will be closer to releasing for the 42nd anniversary!

But of course there are other great mats out there. Amazon has a number of plastic coated maps available. With Chessex we know what we are getting. With other vendors this is less certain. But never hurts to look!

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But the wait is almost over! The dnd mats will official hit the shelves on 3/22/23. Prior to their release, BrycesDice is offering these great battlemats on presale. While these mats are available many places, for instance, the best shipping rates are found right here! BrycesDice offers all these mats with free domestic shipping.

Add these awesome map to your game supply today!

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