For the Love of Dice | Heart d6 Dice & Other Love Dice

For the Love of Dice | Heart d6 Dice

            Dice can’t be good for everything can they? What about for Love? Actually, I think it checks this box pretty well. Whether it is using dice to decide matters of love or showing it with fanciful dice that have hearts on them, dice are Love approved. This post is going to talk about the different kinds of Love Dice and maybe a Love Dice game or two.


First, Chessex Love Dice.

What are these heart dice? They are rounded corner 16mm dice which have pips or dots, shaped like hearts!

Chessex dice has a number of really pretty heart dice on the market. In the last year they have expanded the heart dice inventory and intend to do so further in the near future. But Chessex isn’t exactly re-inventing the wheel here; in fact, they have had heart dice for over a decade now. The first iterations of the heart dice we available in the colors better known as ‘ice cream dice.’ These colors included pink, blue, green, purple, and orange.


Before the recent release we only had a smattering over cirrus options in clear, purple, yellow, green, blue, pink, and yellow. The recent addition from Chessex includes popular colors like Red Glitter and Borealis Pink. I can tell you from personal sales that this is a popular line by Chessex. I think it is safe to say we will be seeing these popular heart dice in more colors very soon.


BrycesDice Candy Heart Dice.

What are Candy Heart Dice? They are square edge 16mm dice with an off-red color, featuring different color hearts on each side with numerical number inside.

These dice were designed by myself, Bryce, to resemble the chalky seemingly edible heart candys available around Valentines day each year. The colors didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but the dice still serve their purpose as a special love dice for the season.

Koplow Heart Dice.

What are they? Similar to Chessex, these heart dice feature hearts as pips or dots, but come in extra large size (25mm). These dice are fairly solid with good weight. They are certainly oversized, but come in between the standard 19/20mm and 30mm sizes that we are accustomed to with bigger dice. I have found them to be popular with folks suffering from mild visual impairment. They are also highly suitable as desk top trinkets, sticking out for their unusual design and size (as least as far as dice are concerned).

Kama Sutra Dice | Also known as sex dice.

Yes, love can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Sometimes love needs to be shouted from the roof tops. Other times it needs to be shown, like by giving someone a cute bear or a box of chocolates. Also… Physically. Whether you call it making love or getting horizontal, there is no question that love has a deep physical component.

Can dice possibly play a role in the physical act of love? They sure can! For this we turn to the Kama Sutra Dice or Sex Position Dice. What are Kama Sutra Dice? They are dice which feature a multitude of sex positions, such that a roller might be inclined to participate in their physical relationship relative to the depiction on the top of the dice.

The variation BrycesDice currently carries is a d12, green in color, that glows in the dark (might be important). Each face depicts a different sexual position a couple might take. Roll the dice for your next… adventure. Don’t like the roll? It might be tempting fate, but rerolls are free!


Make Your Own Love Dice Game.

When it comes to matters of love, you really need to think outside the box, be creative. No two minds are alike, but something brough your two together. Explore that special connection by making your own love dice game.

With a partner, think of several things you could do for the other person. Whether it is physical like the Kama Sutra Dice or more symbolic like watching their favorite movie. Make sure you and your partner have each selected an equal number of possibilities and assign them a number. You can use any sided dice you choose, limited only by your imagination.

Write down the possibilities for each number.

Finally, roll the dice. Let fate decide how your love will manifest today!


NOTE: This is not the same as chores dice… Love dice should be fun and expressive of your individuality. Do not use this as an excuse to get the floors cleaned or take out the trash! Love deserves just as much time as the household monotony. Don’t forget that!



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