Pizza Party Dice Game | An Easy to Play Family Dice Game

Pizza Party Dice Game | An Easy to Play Family Dice Game

Looking for a new dice game to add to the rotation? Then Pizza Party by University Games might just be the game for you! 

Traditionally, the thing that makes dice games so great is their ease of use. No frills, just some dice and a passive knowledge of the rules. Ship. Captain. Crew. Comes to mind. Games like that can be played with a hand full of dice, pretty much anywhere. Find more great simple dice games in our previous blog post. 

Pizza Dice Game

Pizza Party requires purchasing the game because you need special dice and game cards. The game comes with 10 dice and 40 Slice cards. You play the game by… wait! Let’s not gloss over these dice. 

What are Pizza Dice? Pizza dice are standard 6-sided dice coming in at about 16mm with square edges. The base color is white, but each side features a logo, being a different pizza topping, each of which is a different color. They are as follows: 

pizza dice

Pepperoni - Dark Red

Mushroom - Purple

Sardine - Green

Sausage - Pink

Shrimp - Yellow

Bacon - Red

The logos appear to be screened onto the dice, like printing. I prefer etched dice. They have a better overall effect. I think the dice are different, which is nice, but the printing definitely takes something away from them. Is printing dice cheaper? Yea, very much so. Standard custom-run resin dice will cost upwards of 50-75 cents each. Printing on a d6 like this is only around 14 cents. Those prices shift down with quantity and are even cheaper if made in acrylic. 

Check out the Magic Burst d6 dice. They are a great example of Acrylic dice (molded) with an etched-in effect. They feel much more substantial in hand.  

Okay, back to how to play. The game can only be played by two players at a time, but you can add more games to add more players. Each player selects 6 slice cards, upside down. The game starts as both players flip their slices over and begin to roll. The goal is to complete a whole pizza by completing 6 slices of pizza (cards). 

On the other side of the slice cards are 5 ingredients that correspond to the ingredients on the dice. The objective is to roll the dice and place the corresponding ingredient on the card. Once a player completes a slice they must yell “Mama Mia!” and place the card to the side. This game plays until one player completes 6 cards. 

pizza party dice game

This is a game of speed and a little bit of luck. As you can imagine, this is not a super complicated game. The replayability isn’t great, but I think there is potential here. The game is a great way to get kids excited about a dice game, without the game being overly complicated. The game could also be fun as a round-robin drinking game where your group takes turns playing to determine a champion. Maybe the non-playing members drink whenever Mama Mia! (or sing Mama Mia) Is yelled… But I will leave that up to you. 

Overall, this is a fun little dice game. At the time of this draft, the game retails for $9.99 on Amazon. This seems reasonable given you get 10 dice and maybe 45 minutes of fun out of the box. For dice collectors, these custom dice or custom pizza dice may just be a must-have. If you purchased this set for just those dice you would be spending about $1.00 a die, which is about right for custom dice. 

Check out BrycesDice custom dice offerings. As you’ll see, custom dice prices can be sorta pricey. Printing is always the exception there. Check out our Bat Dice for a great example of printed dice.  

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