The Time Walker Dice x The Time Walker Novel

The Time Walker Dice x The Time Walker Novel 

A dice and novel collaboration.

As you may know, BrycesDice LLC is a very small business consisting solely of me, Bryce. I am so grateful of all the support this community has given me. In an effort to highlight other small businesses we teamed up with Sloan McBride and her Time Walker Series. Our newest BrycesDice exclusive is named in spirit of that series. The Time Walker Dice are absolutely stunning. They feature an amazing deep glitter color with angles of silver and blue. This is a MUST HAVE for all dice lovers!

 16mm standard yahtzee dice

Check out the Time Walker Series if you are into fantasy and romance. Here is a brief synopsis:

The Fury is a tightly woven action-oriented novel and the beginning of the time walker series. Using Sumerian mythology readers are introduced to the time walkers, a race of warriors who transcend time to protect humankind from Kur, Lord of the Underworld, who feasts upon the life force of the living to maintain his power.

Reese Whittaker narrowly escapes capture by Kur’s minions with the help of time walker warrior Dagan. She has been singled out by Kur because her ancient bloodline holds unknown powers that would help him destroy mankind.


Dagan’s duty to protect her becomes difficult when he realizes she’s his blethred or lifemate and because she is human, their passion is forbidden. However, the fury blinds him to the laws of the time walkers. Binding himself to her Dagan surrenders his existence to the power of the fury.

Together, Dagan and Reese must weaken Kur and send him back to the Underworld before he can complete his nefarious plans but with the roll of the dice things could change in an instant. And even after Kur’s defeat the threat remains for his return.

He claims he’s there to save her, but Reese has seen nothing threatening—except him. As an archeologist, she’s used to studying ancient civilizations, not interacting with them face to face.

When the mysterious stranger demands she do as she’s told, she’s got a few ideas on how to handle the smoking, hot man—and anything else that comes along.


Dagan has protected thousands of humans over the centuries, and until this woman—this beautiful, infuriatingly headstrong woman—fulfilling his time walker duties has been much less complicated. As he draws close to Reese, the power of The Fury overtakes him, binding him to her, exposing her to even more danger. For if he chooses her, he loses everything. And if he loses everything, he will be powerless to stop Kur and the horde of demons who hunt her.


Check out Sloan's website here. Interested in reading this Sloan's book? Check it out here:

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