Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt Club | Get a New DND Shirt a Month

Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt Club | Get a New DND Shirt a Month

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As you may know BrycesDice has wanted to break into the T-Shirt marker for some time. Unfortunately, that is still something for a later day… BUT I am excited to highlight Amazon’s T-shirt a month club.


They have a number of really awesome options like: Marvel. Harry Potter, Star Wars and of course Dungeons & Dragons. They offer these shirts in a number of different sizes, so everyone can join in! The club acts like most monthly boxes in that each month you receive a different t-shirt design. You don’t know the design until it hits your doorstep.


I typically like the to spread the love around when I shop, to support as many vendors as I can. So to that end I have mixed feelings about the t-shirt clubs being on Amazon. That said, I do like the simplicity of their offerings and the ease of activating and cancelling services on Amazon.


In the past, I have dabbled with the likes of Loot Crate. I find the best time to sign on with them is when they have a really good coupon code, like 15-20% off. I feel like their standard prices are just a little too high for what you get. The Amazon shirts are $17.99 at the time of this article. That seems likes a decent price for a different kind of shirt each month. This is especially true if you have a rewards credit card with Amazon.

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All that said, this might not be a bad option if you are interested in expanding your shirt collection in a particular field of interest.

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