Opaque Light Purple is Leaving Chessex, but Not Our Hearts | Chessex Discontinues Light Purple

When Chessex Gaming announced that they were discontinuing their Light Purple dice color from their catalogue, it felt like the world turned upside down. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but as a die-hard (pun intended) tabletop gaming enthusiast, it's tough to deal with this kind of news.dice for crying over dice

Better stock up on tissues for this one.

For those who didn't have a chance to get their hands on the Light Purple set before it was discontinued, I feel their pain (but not really because we still have the, in stock). They're missing out on using the most fabulous set of dice that Chessex ever made (I mean, maybe?). The Light Purple color was breathtaking and made all other dice at the gaming table jealous. Just watch your friends' faces as you start rolling them – don't be surprised if they get a little envious.

Why did they have to take you! WHY!!!!

But hey, at least we still have other colors in the Chessex catalogue, right? But no, let's not forget that sometimes a particular color speaks to a player's soul. It just clicks, and you know that it's the dice set you want to use for all of your campaigns. Unfortunately, for many, that set was the Light Purple set.

They even made them in the 34mm Chunky dice..

Now, there are many memes about gamers' attachment to specific dice sets. Some may find it hilarious, while others might think it's borderline concerning. However, in our gaming community, it's a well-known fact that our dice have emotions. They are more than just pieces of plastic, wood, or metal. They have personalities, stories, and sometimes, they even have names. Losing the Light Purple dice set feels like losing a vital character in one of our campaigns.

I'm not crying you're crying! 

All in all, regardless of whether you had the chance to get your hands on the Light Purple set or not, we can all collectively mourn the loss. And who knows, maybe one day Chessex Gaming will surprise us and bring it back. Until then, let's keep the light purple dice alive in our hearts and our memes. Rest in peace, Light Purple dice!

If I could just have one more nat-d20... that's all..


Now Let Us Say Goodbye...

Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to pay our final respects to a beloved member of the tabletop gaming community: a set of dice. It's not just any set of dice, my friends. It's a set of dice that has been with us, rolling through challenging campaigns, making us laugh or cry, and sometimes, just rolling off of the table.

This set of dice was a colorful one, with a bright, vibrant purple that added a pop of personality to any game. It was made with the highest-quality materials, crafted expertly and with care. It had a sense of humor, too, often rolling critical hits at the most opportune of moments - or critical fails when we needed it the least.

Sadly, this set of dice has rolled its last. It's no longer with us, and it's a bitter pill to swallow. Our campaigns will never be the same without it. Who will we turn to now for those critical moments?

Chuck Norris

But, as tough as it is, let's not dwell on the loss. Let's remember the good times. Let's remember the moments when it pulled off that epic damage roll, the times when it saved our lives, and the times when it rolled a natural 1 at the most inappropriate of moments.

Rest in peace, beloved set of dice. You were more than just plastic and ink. You were a member of our gaming family. We'll miss you, but we'll never forget you - and we'll be sure to keep your memory alive through the stories of our campaigns, always remembering the moments you brought us joy and laughter. Farewell, good friend.

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