Mechanics Dice | What the heck is wrong with my car?

Are you a mechanic or aspiring to be one? Do you dream of diagnosing car problems within seconds of opening the hood? Do you often tinker with the engines of your friends and family members? Then you are in the right place!

Introducing the Mechanics Dice (also called Diagnostic Dice) – your new best friend in car repairs. These dice are the ultimate tool for diagnosing vehicle problems and finding quick solutions. The dice feature six essential automotive components, namely Head Gasket, Thermostat, Engine, Transmission, Radiator, and Battery.

 mechanics diagnostic dice

All your common automotive issues are listed. Car trouble is never good, but at least now you know. Diagnostic Dice please.

Each dice is designed to simulate real-life scenarios that mechanics encounter every day. This way, you'll be able to spot problems quickly and make better decisions for the repairs that need to be made. All you have to do is roll the dice, and you will instantly have a good idea of what may be causing the problem.

The Head Gasket and Thermostat dice will help you solve issues related to the engine overheating or engine block cracks, while the Engine and Transmission dice are perfect for diagnosing engine and transmission related problems. The Radiator dice will show you where to look for leaks and blockages and the Battery dice will help you identify all sorts of battery-related issues.

These Mechanics Dice are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they will last long and withstand the daily wear and tear. They are a must-have tool for every aspiring mechanic or experienced technician and provide a great way to improve your repair skills.

mechanic diagnostic code reader

You could go grab one of these for your car. But the dice are cheaper and surely more reliable. 

So, if you want to rise to the top of your game or simply want to diagnose car problems like a pro, Mechanics Dice are the perfect solution. Remember, better diagnosing guarantees better repairs!

Dice Game using Mechanics Dice (Diagnostic Dice)

Title: Car Troubles

Objective: To diagnose and fix car problems using Novelty Diagnostic Dice

Players: 2-4 players

Equipment: Mechanics Dice, notepad, pen


  1. The players take turns rolling the Mechanics Dice to determine the type of car problem their vehicle has.

  2. Once a problem is identified, the player must diagnose the issue by rolling the dice once again to determine the specific problem within the category (use your imagination, creativity is a  must for this game). For example, rolling the Engine die could result in a problem with the transmission or timing belt, which must be identified.

  3. The player then has one minute to write down possible solutions to the problem identified, which are discussed with the other players.

  4. The player must then roll a standard d6 to determine how difficult the fix will be. (1 low, 6 high) High difficulty parts might require specific tools or additional training, while low difficulty parts might be more straightforward.

  5. Based on the difficulty level and time, each player must then write down the estimated cost to fix the problem.

  6. Once all players have completed their turn, the group compares the estimated cost, and whoever.... highest cost wins? Lowest? You decide!

Additional Rules:

  • To make the game more challenging, you can add a time limit to each turn or make players switch cars after every round.
  • To make the game more fun, you can add additional rules like forcing players to narrate a story about how their car ended up with the specific problem or give players bonus points for creative and innovative solutions to the problems.
  • Remember, this is a game that demands imagination. Your car is busted! Now tell us why!
  • Share your game experience in the comments! 

Car Troubles is an excellent game for those interested in cars or mechanics and provides a fun way to learn more about fixing car problems. Who knows, it might even help you save some money the next time your car breaks down!

imagination books

Having trouble with the game? It is a loose construct. Maybe a book on imagination will help? 

Mechanics Dice for Dungeons and Dragons

While Mechanics Dice are designed for mechanics in the automotive industry, they can be a fun and unique addition to your Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) game too! Here's how:

One way to use these dice in D&D is to assign each component a different meaning based on the context of the game. For example, you could translate the Head Gasket die to represent magical energy or the power of a specific creature, while the Thermostat die could represent the temperature or climate on the adventure. The Engine die could be used for tests of strength, while the Transmission die could represent agility or speed. The Radiator die could be used for areas of the environment that may hold hidden threats, such as traps or obstacles, while the Battery die could represent the reserves of magical power for spellcasters.

diagnostic dice by BrycesDice LLC

Just a battery! 

Once you decide on the meaning of each die, the players can roll them to determine the outcome of a situation, such as a battle or exploration. For instance, if a player were to roll the Head Gasket die and the result was a low number, it could correspond to a weak spell or weakened magical defenses. If the Radiator die were to be rolled, and the result is a high number, then the party may find themselves in a dangerous and hot environment filled with traps to overcome.

More simply, maybe your game takes place in modern times. Your merry clan is traveling down the street and all the sudden... OH NO! It breaks down! Maybe your bard could figure her way around the radiator, or your rouge the battery, but if it's the engie? Looks like you guys are walking! 

dice sitting next to an engine

This can't be good... I need a die for better walking shoes...

Using the Mechanics Dice in D&D is a great way to add an extra, fun challenge to the game. It can also make each game unique, as you can create different meanings for each die or use them in various ways. Keep in mind that the Mechanics Dice are not as useful in D&D as they are in car repairs, but they introduce a different, exciting way to approach problem-solving and outcome determination in the game.#DiagnosticDice : Novelty Diagnostic Dice! 


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