New Gemini Dice Sets by Chessex Dice: A color breakdown

Everything you need to know about the new Gemini colors by Chessex Dice. 

Gemini dice colors mixed

Overview: Chessex will soon be releasing their next official line-up of Gemini Dice Sets, putting a fun twist on their traditional Chessex dice colors. Gemini has long been a popular colorway by Chessex.  Additionally, all the dice are shipped in a crystal case rather than the test tube format of lab sets.

***Preorder information: Preorders begins Monday 11/1/2021. All listings are currently up, but placed as sold out. The items can be placed in your wishlist for safe keeping. 

When will the new sets release? Unconfirmed, but it is expected that the Gemini colors will launch sometime in late November/ early December. Subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted the moment their available.

What variations of Gemini colors will be available? More than you can count! 

Chessex is doing a  “general release”, which for buyers means:

  • A huge quantity of dice produced...
  • With lots of variations... (7-Dice Poly sets, 16mm d6 Blocks, 10 d10's. 12mm d6 blocks, and singles)
  • And available for a long time. 

Basically, if you want any of the new Gemini sets, BrycesDice can have it at your doorstep in a matter of hours. (Once they release, of course!)

Okay, let's talk colors!

Gemini® Polyhedral Blue-Blue/Light Blue Luminary™ 7-Die Set 

Gemini Blue-Blue 7-dice set

A fresh color to the Gemini line-up, evoking still waters pierced by moonlight. It looks like the contrast will be tough where the number lands on light blue, which might mean an extra moment of suspense after each roll.


Gemini® Polyhedral Gel Green-Pink/Blue Luminary™ 7-Die Set

gemini gel green-pink dice set

Ever stand in a green field as the full moon meets the sunrise? Specific experience, I know, but it's this EXACT mix of pink, blue, and green. A re-release from a previous lab dice sequence, but at that time they were only in the 7-dice D&D format. 


Gemini® Polyhedral Pearl Turquoise-White/Blue Luminary™ 7-Die Set Gemini Turquoise dice set

For being a blue on blue combo, it's remarkable these dice still have such a stunning contrast. The colors are similar to the mint set from a previous lab release. Though I think this set’s icy energy will be much more popular, especially for any table running the “Rime of the Frostmaiden” campaign!


Translucent Dice: If the Luminary Dice aren’t for you, take a look at the classic Translucent Dice. 

It’s rare to attend a D&D session that doesn't have a batch of these somewhere on the table. They are a staple of role-playing games, and for a good, simple reason: they are nice to look at! 

Nearly every combination is downright pretty, and at each turn of the dice you will get a slightly different color. Some have the added bonus of that sweet, sweet blended effect. 

Personally, I am interested to see how these sets look in bulk!


Gemini® Polyhedral Translucent Green-Teal/Yellow 7-Die Set 

gemini translucent green-teal dice set

Remember this Gemini color from Chessex? It's back! This time, it left the gold with the goblin and features a yellow numbering / inking. Personally, I’m not sure I like the yellow as much, but Chessex keeps trying new stuff with their Gemini dice colors and I love them for it.

Gemini® Polyhedral Translucent Red-Violet/Gold 7-Die Set 

gemini translucent red-violet dice set

A perfect example of what “translucent” Chessex dice colors can do. The colors simultaneously contrast and blend with one another. If you are looking for consistency, you better look elsewhere: depending on the light, the Gemini dice's color will shift from red heavy to violet heavy!

Gemini® Polyhedral Translucent Red-Yellow/Gold 7-Die Set 

Gemini translucent red-yellow dice set

Just like the green set above, this is something we have seen before in a Chessex dice color. That’s not a bad thing, for what was limited is now available for all! And with good reason: it’s a very popular color, even if the color visibility is less than ideal.


Luminary Effect: Since the luminary effect was unveiled a few years back, there has been significant criticism. 

On the one hand, Don, the owner of Chessex Dice, is a big fan of the Luminary Effect. And when someone who makes dice sings the praises of a Chessex dice color style, you listen. Is it essential? No, but neither is the backup camera on your car!  

On the other hand, one complaint is that you can see the luminary crystals inside the dice. Some say this soils the dice’s look, demonstrated by the the popular Borealis dice,  which is now only available in the luminary style. 

Whether you like it or hate it, clearly this effect is here to stay. Three of the the new 6 Gemini colors feature this effect. An example can be seen below in the Gel Gemini set.Glowing Gemini dnd dice set


There you have it! Gemini Dice is getting an upgrade, which means your dice collection can get one as well.

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