Mini-Polyhedral Dice: Mini-Dice Sets by Chessex Dice

Mini-Polyhedral Dice: Mini-Dice Sets by Chessex Dice

The much anticipated Chessex mini polyhedral dice sets release is fast approaching. Chessex recently announced that the street date (Release date) is March 4th, 2022! 

BrycesDice is proud to offer the entire collection. Below you can see each of the first 12 sets being released, along with their accompanied product page links. 

Note: we are currently in the preorder phase. All Chessex mini polyhedral dice sets will ship on March 4th or within 2 days of that time. If you purchase other dice with your preorder dice, the order may not ship until all dice are in stock. It is highly recommended that you purchase non-preorder dice separately. 

For the entire mini-dice set lineup by Chessex, visit our Chessex 7-die sets collection page.


Color Breakdown

Click on the picture to get more details about the Chessex mini polyhedral dice set. 

Borealis Royal Purple Mini-Set


borealis dice

"Purple with glitter and gold numbers."

Borealis Icicle Mini-Dice Set

borealis dice

"Clear with glitter and blue numbers"

Festive Waterlily Mini-Dice Set

waterlily dice set

"Blue blended with purple and green"

Glitter Ruby Red Glitter Mini-Dice Set

red glitter dice set

"Intense red glitter with gold."

Festive Mosaic Mini-Dice Set

mosaic Dice set

"Green, red, and purple colors with yellow numbers."

Festive Circus Mini-Dice Set

festive dice set

"Pinkish ivory color with wisps and black numbers."

Vortex Bright Green Mini-Dice Set

green vortex dice

"Bright green swirls with black numbers."

Scarab Jade Mini-Dice Set

scarab dice set

"Slow blend of green featuring gold numbers."

Marble Green / Dark Green Mini-Dice Set

marble dice set

"Everything green with white wisps and green numbers."

Translucent Teal Mini-Dice Set

clear teal dice set

"Vibrant blue/teal with white numbers"

Translucent Red Mini-Dice Set

red dice set

"Standard red with white numbers"

Purple Nocturnal Mini-Dice Set

nocturnal Dice set

 "Purple swirled into clear with light blue numbers."

These are the first 12 Chessex mini polyhedral dice set released in what will be an expanding mini-dice set lineup by Chessex. These dice sets all carry a MSRP of 5.99. Get yours today! 

ChessexMini dice

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