21 Dice Gifts Perfect For Every D&D Table

21 Perfect D&D and RPG Gift Ideas

The Bryce’s Dice Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and boy howdy do you have a lot of people to shop for.

We’re talking parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, co-workers, in-laws, friends, friends of friends, baristas, your favorite taco bell employee, frisbee pals, your sworn mortal enemy, mild acquaintances that still helped you move...

But there is one other group you may have forgotten:


Your Dungeons and Dragons table. 

Even if you only play twice a month, it’s likely you spend more time with your adventuring party than your own family. 

Sure, you are slaying imaginary dragons together, but it’s more than just goofing off; it’s quality time telling a story filled with laughter and sorrow. 

And if you are considering getting these friends/allies/murder-hobos something small for the holidays, you are faced with the the common gift-giving question: 


“What on earth do I get them? And how do I get them gifts without needing to file for bankruptcy?”


Bryce’s Dice is here to help with 21 unique D&D gift ideas to simplify your holiday shopping. 

And with an average price of less than $15, these RPG gift ideas are more than affordable. 


So shove that last piece of pumpkin pie in your mouth and start scrolling…  it's time to find some holiday dice gifts for your D&D table!


  • Winter Wonderland Dice 

The first snowfall of winter will never cease to be enchanting. Rolling anything with snowflakes will conjure wonderful memories of holidays with family, snow fights and sledding, and hot cups of cocoa by a roaring fire. 


(Unless of course you're rolling any of these for fireball damage… that’s just fire… lots and lots of fire…)

  • For those “dreaming of a white christmas…”


If you live far enough south, a snowy holiday season is out of the question. An average December morning might start like all their mornings: throwing on a t -shirt, heading out to a sunshine day, and watering succulents with a tiny dropper. 


But the season-less doesn't have to be diceless! With this succulent D&D gift idea, your chances of rolling a 1 are as low as your chances of failing to nurture a low-maintenance houseplant. 

And if you live in a place even succulents struggle to survive… WE GOT YOU COVERED. No RPG gift idea says “This wasteland is devoid of moisture” like an ox skull resting on the desert floor.

  • New Chessex 7-Dice Sets

    For some players, collecting D&D dice ranges from a hobby to an all-consuming OBSESSION. 


    But others, uninterested in becoming a dice goblin, would rather only upgrade their dice sets when it matters.


    For them, follow a simple 3 step process: 1) Scroll through the well-loved Chessex dice sets 2) pick something that matches them or their character’s personality, 3) wrap them in a nice bag and attach a small note. 


    It may seem like a small gesture, but for some people that little bit of thoughtfulness turns a simple D&D dice gift idea into something much more meaningful. 

  • Reversible Battlemap

    Other holiday gifts aren’t creative, charming, or endearing…they just meet those basic necessities. And if you are getting back to playing in person on an actual table top, you can’t rely on digital maps anymore.


    Give your DM the tools they need with this hex and square reversible battlemap. 

    • The Unique Gift Your DM has ALWAYS Wanted

    Dungeon Master’s so often go the extra mile for their players. They don’t have to provide detailed lore, have NPC’s speak your character’s esoteric language, and curate magic items with you in mind… but they do. 


    And it really makes the game special.


    If that’s the case you might want to reciprocate their thoughtfulness in your RPG gift idea with something special they have always wanted. 


    Sure, they don’t need a massive D100 or a fancy Dnd themed coin… but I guarantee you they will be thrilled to receive one.

  • $2 Random Set 

  • You know what’s awkward? Showing up to a session and giving only one person a Christmas gift. Even if you have a favorite player, it takes everyone at the table to tell the story. With random sets, for a very cheap price you can avoid all that uncomfortable silence.


    No D&D gift idea guide is complete without something that is borderline free!

    • Snowman Holiday d20 Dice 

    Frosty just got frosty...er. I like to imagine the temperature dropped so drastically that Frosty is now permanently frozen in an “ice icosahedron”. This might be a good dice to have if you want to avoid a similar fate on your CON save for “Cone of Cold”.

  • Masked Santa Holiday d20

  • Santa didn’t get the vax, so he’s rocking his mask as he rocks around the Christmas tree. Granted, breathing as he goes up and down 396 million chimneys across the world might be a little bit harder. But then again, maybe that’s been a part of the Christmas magic all along… 


    Get these D&D Christmas dice and that magic just might affect your rolls!   

  • White Duck Red Hat on Blue 7-Dice Set

  • What would it look like if that same frozen santa got polymorphed into a frozen duck? And then was duplicated into 7 different frozen santa ducks? Now we don't have to wonder any more…


    If your party has a silly wizard that casts first and thinks second, this might just be the holiday RPG gift idea for them. Might even give them some ideas for your next session!


  • Trash Can Dice Jail

  • Following holiday festivities, there’s scraps of food and wrapping paper lying around, all bound for the garbage. And after a bad session, that’s exactly where your poor-rolling dice should go: straight in this plastic garbage can, symbolizing that they, too, are garbage.

    • A REALLY Nice D20

    Every playable character lives and dies by the rolls of the D20. It is front and center the whole campaign, rolled more than all the other dice combined. If there is any single dice investing in, any single dice that should be especially beautiful and elegant, it’s this one... it’s special place in the game deserves a special die.

  • A Gift for your “Nightmare Before Christmas” Friends 

    For some people, October -December is one giant holiday season dedicated to one thing and one thing only: Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” And for those people you can’t go wrong with these black and orange halloween dice. Go ahead and take advantage of the off-season discount! 

  • Purple “Jesus” Dice

    If you know someone that REALLY did not like those new Starbucks cups, these are the dice for them. December 25th has been about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth since Emperor Constantine declared it so in 336 AD. And whoever rolls these original D&D Christmas dice can remind everyone of that fact whenever they roll a 6. 

  • The Far Realms Savior

    During the holidays, certain religions tend to hog the spotlight, getting preferential treatment in every aspect of American culture. When that happens, people of other faiths can feel really left out. Average, every-day people, like the worshippers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And a Beholder D20 is the perfect dice gift to let them know “You are welcome here”.

  • D20 Oversized Christmas Ornament

    If you come from a D&D household, gifting a D20 ornament is a no brainer. But if you don’t, this D&D gift idea could be your way to introducing your loved ones to the game. A giant D20 dangling from the Christmas tree is a not-so-subtle way of saying “it's time we moved on from Monopoly...”

  • Monopoly Game Replacement Tokens 

    Ok ok… it probably wasn’t a good idea to take a shot at Monopoly.  It’s an American treasure and a reliable source for wonderful and/or friendship-ending memories. 


    It’s highly likely that over the years the original tokens have been lost as the board game has passed through multiple households. And it’s a shame so many people play this classic game using a quarter, M&M, a toy car, and paper clip as replacement pieces. Technically it’s the same, but it’s always better with the original tokens.

  • New Year’s Gifts

    Unfortunately, many people dread returning home for the holidays. Instead, they look forward to hanging out with friends for New Year’s: sparkly clothes, smooth cocktails, and a night living the high-life!


    No New Years Eve party is complete without some quality gambling, and whether it’s the iconic casino dice or a felt craps mat, you can find it here. Nothing like ushering in the new year with some big winnings! 

  • Fancy Black w/white Adjustable Bowtie 

    Speaking of fancy…

    When a years-long campaign is coming to its spectacular conclusion, full of final battles and farewells, a stained t-shirt just isn’t gonna cut it. It’s always a good idea to honor the story you told together by dressing up special for your last session. And if you anticipate the campaign coming to a close this winter, this might be the perfect RPG gift idea for anyone in at your table.

  • A Crown Jewel to a Collection 

  • What do you get the dice dragon whose hoard has every type of dice you can think of? You get together with your other party members, pool your resources, and get them something they definitely don’t have. And I can almost guarantee they do not have something like this. 

  • The Gift Card

  • That’s a lot of gifts that can cover a lot of people. But some people are… particular. You’ve tried year after year to surprise them and they just end up returning it. This year, it might be best to throw in the towel and just get them a gift card. 

    And that is the ‘Bryce’s Dice Holiday Gift Guide’. With over 21 different options on this list alone (and much, much more on the site) you are sure to find a RPG gift idea that is perfect for each and every player at the table. 

    And one final note… even if your loved ones aren’t into tabletop games, don’t you think they would rather have a shiny new set of dice than ANOTHER Starbucks gift card? 

    They don’t know it, they didn’t ask for it, but even they want some shiny D&D dice this holiday season.


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