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As many of you know, Chessex created its Lab Dice program as a way to release more exciting new colors of DnD dice without the need for massive production runs. These Lab Dice releases consist of test colors and colors that are full-release hopefuls. With that in mind, let’s dive into Lab Dice 5, the latest Chessex Lab Dice of 2021.

These dice were released in October 2021. You can still order these from BrycesDice, with discounts, on the same preorder page for these amazing test tube Lab Dice. 

First up:

Borealis Rose Gold w/ Light Blue Numbers and Luminary Effect

 Borealis Rose gold Dnd Dice

Borealis Rose Gold is the latest addition to the highly desired Borealis line by Chessex Dice. The Borealis line typically includes a wide range of options from 7-dice DnD sets to 16mm Yahtzee-style dice. Unfortunately, Lab Dice sets are limited to 7-dice sets, but they include a bonus pipped D6 with their signature Lab Dice engraving! Personally, I expect this set to be released in the next full menagerie of dice offered by Chessex.


Festive Polyhedral Garden/Blue 7-Die Set

 Garden dnd dice set by Chessex

Festive Polyhedral Kaleidoscope w/ Blue Numbers 7-Die Set

 kaleidoscope dnd dice set by Chessex dice

Gemini® Polyhedral Plasma Green-Teal/Orange Luminary™ 7-Die Set

 gemini plasma dnd dice set by Chessex Dice

Lustrous® Polyhedral Alpestris/Orange 7-Die Set

 Lustrous Alpestris dnd dice set by Chessex Dice

Vortex® Polyhedral Underworld/Yellow 7-Die Set

Vortex Underworld Dnd Dice by Chessex Dice

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