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As the holiday season approaches, it's time to start thinking about finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you're reading this, chances are you or someone you know is a board game enthusiast. Well, you're in luck because in this Holiday Board Game Guide, we'll be exploring the best board game gifts for 2023. Whether you're a seasoned gamer looking for the latest and greatest titles or a newcomer searching for the perfect gateway game, we've got you covered.

Board games have experienced a renaissance in recent years, with a plethora of innovative and exciting titles hitting the market. From strategy games that challenge your intellect to party games that guarantee laughter and fun, there's a board game out there for everyone. So, let's dive into our curated list of the best board games to gift in 2023 and make this holiday season memorable for your friends and family. My goal is to make a decent list of a wide variety of board and tabletop games. Although this list is far from comprehensive, it should help kickstart your board game gift shopping this season. 

The Hasbro Gaming Sorry!

Game is a classic family board game that has entertained generations. This timeless game is all about strategy, luck, and a little bit of revenge! Players aim to move their pawns around the colorful game board and into their home base, but watch out for your opponents, as they can send you back to the starting point with a well-timed "Sorry!" card. With its easy-to-learn rules and unpredictable gameplay, Sorry! is the perfect addition to family game nights and gatherings with friends. Its vibrant design and nostalgic appeal make it a favorite among both young and old, ensuring that this game continues to bring joy and laughter to players of all ages.


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Battleship With Planes

An exciting and innovative strategy board game designed for players aged 7 and up. It takes the classic Battleship game to a whole new level by introducing aircraft carriers and fighter planes into the mix. Players strategically position their battleships and aircraft carriers on the grid and then take turns launching missiles from their fighter planes to locate and sink their opponent's fleet. With the added dimension of aerial combat, this game offers a fresh and engaging twist on the traditional Battleship experience. It's not only a fun and challenging game for kids and families but also a fantastic way to develop critical thinking, strategy, and spatial reasoning skills while having a blast in the process. Battleship With Planes promises hours of entertainment and friendly competition for both young and young-at-heart players.


Ticket to Ride

Is a beloved family board game that transcends age boundaries, making it an ideal choice for both adults and kids aged 8 and above. Created by Days of Wonder, this train-themed game is designed for 2 to 5 players and offers an average playtime of 30 to 60 minutes, making it perfect for a quick game night or a longer gaming session. Players embark on a cross-country adventure, collecting train cards and strategically claiming railway routes to complete destination tickets. The game's accessible rules and engaging gameplay make it an excellent choice for family gatherings or game nights with friends. With its combination of strategy and a touch of luck, Ticket to Ride has earned its reputation as a classic in the world of board gaming, providing hours of fun and competition for players of all ages.


Created by the renowned and award-winning game designer Michael Riesling, artfully captures the exquisite aesthetics of Moorish art within a modern board game. In this game, players take on the roles of skilled artisans, vying to adorn the walls of the majestic Palace of Dvora. Through meticulous selection and drafting of tiles in the right quantities and styles, the most cunning of artisans strategize to enhance the splendor of their work, all the while optimizing their scores and minimizing any wastage of precious resources. The origins of "azulejos" - originally white and blue ceramic tiles - trace back to the Moors, and it was the Portuguese King Manuel I who, inspired by the breathtaking Alhambra Palace in Southern Spain, wholeheartedly embraced their beauty. Awed by the interior grandeur of the Alhambra, the King promptly commanded the embellishment of his own palace in Portugal with similar decorative wall tiles. As a gifted tile-laying artist, you now face the challenge of adorning the royal walls of Dvora with your intricate designs.

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Catan, also known as The Settlers of Catan, is a pioneering board game that has earned its place as a cornerstone of modern tabletop gaming. Designed by Klaus Teuber, this game invites players to immerse themselves in a rich and ever-evolving world of strategy and negotiation. Set on the fictional island of Catan, players compete to establish settlements, expand their roads, and collect valuable resources like wood, brick, ore, grain, and sheep. The game's unique modular board ensures that each playthrough is different, keeping players engaged and encouraging adaptability and forward thinking. Catan's blend of resource management, trade, and careful planning has made it a timeless favorite among both casual gamers and serious strategists, sparking countless expansions and adaptations that continue to captivate players worldwide. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of board gaming, Catan promises hours of competitive and interactive fun.


Step into the shoes of a prosperous Renaissance merchant as you secure mines and transportation, enlist skilled artisans, and charm the nobility in your quest for greatness. Craft the most exquisite jewelry to establish your reputation as the most renowned merchant of the era. Acquire precious gemstones, trading them for valuable development cards that further enhance your gem collection. Utilize these development cards to obtain additional gemstones and with your precious gems and abundant gold, craft the most awe-inspiring jewelry pieces. Court the favor of the nobles to secure the prestige required for your ultimate triumph.


Beat That!

Beat That! includes physical challenges that may pose difficulty for certain individuals. Engage in these challenges at your own discretion and only undertake those you are confident in attempting. Gutter Games Ltd and That's What She Said Inc. cannot assume liability for any injuries sustained during the course of playing Beat That!

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7 Wonders

Guide your civilization to prosperity through wise decision-making. Assume leadership over one of the seven greatest cities from Antiquity and steer your society towards advancement in military, science, culture, and economics. Construct your Wonder and secure lasting glory for your legacy. Enjoy continuous engagement in every game with no downtime and a flawlessly balanced experience, regardless of the number of players. Ideal for 3 to 7 players aged 10 and above, each game offers a 30-minute playtime. The contents include 7 Wonder boards, 148 Age cards (49 Age I cards, 49 Age II cards bundled together, and 50 Age III cards), 78 Coins (54 worth 1, 24 worth 3), 48 Military Conflict tokens (24 Defeats and 24 Victories, with 8 for each Age), 1 score pad, 3 Description of Effects sheets, 1 List of cards and chains sheet, and 1 rulebook.

Don't Break the Ice

In the "Don't Break the Ice" game, players join forces with Phillip the Penguin as he embarks on the challenging task of chopping ice blocks to construct a brand-new igloo. Even for this resilient penguin, the frigid water poses a chilly challenge! This engaging game is specifically designed for preschoolers and children aged 3 and up, promising an exhilarating experience filled with anticipation. Players take turns gently tapping out ice blocks, but they must exercise caution. If a player accidentally causes the ice to break, leading to Phillip's plunge through the freezing depths, they are eliminated from the round. The remaining participants reset the blocks and commence a fresh round. Ultimately, the last player standing, the one who skillfully avoids making Phillip tumble through the ice, emerges as the triumphant victor. "Don't Break the Ice" is the perfect addition to your collection of family game night options, group games, and family-friendly entertainment for kids. All trademarks and logos are the property of Hasbro, Inc.

Blank Slate

"Blank Slate is an engaging party game by The Op Games that tests your ability to think like others. Players covertly jot down a word that fills in the blank in a given phrase from the cue card. The key is to select your word wisely to align with only one other player, earning you the highest points. This board game is not only fun but also simple to grasp, encouraging you to be creative—yet not overly so, or you'll find yourself without any matches. The one with the most points at the end triumphs! Hone your skills, and perhaps you'll soon be adept at completing the sentences of OTHERS."



The holiday season is a time for coming together, creating lasting memories, and enjoying the company of loved ones. What better way to do that than by playing board games? In our Holiday Board Game Guide for 2023, we've covered a wide range of board game categories and recommendations to help you find the best board game gifts for your friends and family.

Whether you're a board game aficionado seeking the latest gems to add to your collection or a gift-giver looking to surprise someone special, this guide will be your go-to resource for a joyous and game-filled holiday season. So, get ready to unwrap the gift of fun, laughter, and strategy as we explore the best board games that 2023 has to offer. Happy gaming, and happy holidays!


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