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Get Into the Spooky Spirit with Halloween Dice from BrycesDice!

October is here, and the chilling winds herald not only the arrival of pumpkins and treats but also the beckoning call of game nights under dim lights, shared tales, and the rolling of many, many dice. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of the macabre or the festive to your board games, BrycesDice.com is rolling out the perfect solution - Halloween-themed dice!

Pumpkin Harvest D6 Dice: A Fusion of Fun and Festivity

These aren’t just your regular dice. The Pumpkin Harvest D6 Dice Set is a collector’s item every board game enthusiast would want to flaunt this season. Adorned with bold, harvest orange numbers, each die is a tribute to the vibrancy of fall. But it’s the beautifully engraved pumpkin on the '1' side that steals the show. This unique design not only ups the ante aesthetically but also seamlessly integrates into specialized games for added thematic depth.

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Speaking of which, have you tried the Pumpkin Harvest Dice Game we designed specifically for these dice? It’s a blend of strategy, risk, and festive fun, making it perfect for those Halloween-themed game nights.


BrycesDice.com: Your One-Stop Halloween Dice Destination

While the Pumpkin Harvest dice are an enchanting addition, they aren't the only trick up BrycesDice.com's sleeve. For the Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts out there, BrycesDice.com also showcases a range of DnD Halloween dice. From ghastly ghouls to creepy crawlies, each die promises to elevate your role-playing sessions into otherworldly realms. So whether you’re diving into a haunted mansion's dungeon or facing off against a pumpkin king, BrycesDice.com ensures your rolls are both thematic and thrilling.

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Concluding Spells and Rolls

Halloween is that magical time of the year when the line between our world and the mystical blurs a little. It's an occasion of stories, of imagination, and of shared experiences. And what better way to commemorate it than with a set of dice that mirrors its essence? Whether you're rolling for pumpkins or casting a spell in a mythical land, make sure your dice resonate with the season's spirit.


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Pumpkin Harvest Dice Game

Objective: Collect the most pumpkins (ones) without going over a total of 13 pumpkins in a round.


  • 5 d6 dice with orange numbers and an orange pumpkin on the '1' side.
  • Pen and paper for keeping score.

Setup: Decide on the number of rounds you wish to play. For a short game, 3 rounds work well. For a longer game, play 5 or more rounds.


  1. On a player's turn, they will roll all 5 dice.

  2. Set aside any dice with pumpkins (1s) you want to keep. You can also set aside any 6s if you wish to reduce your risk, as these will act as protective charms against the upcoming rule (see Rule 4).

  3. The player can choose to re-roll the remaining dice or stop their turn. They can re-roll a total of two times. After the third roll, they must stop.

  4. If, at any point, a player rolls and gets three or more 6s in one roll, their pumpkin harvest for that turn is spoiled and they score zero for that round. However, for every 6 set aside in the previous rolls, one of the three 6s can be negated. For example, if a player has two 6s set aside and rolls three 6s, only one 6 will count toward the spoilage.

  5. At the end of their turn, the player counts the number of pumpkins (1s) they've collected. If they've collected more than 13 pumpkins in that round, they have over-harvested and score zero for that round. If they've collected 13 or fewer pumpkins, they score that number.

  6. The next player takes their turn, and play continues until everyone has had a turn for that round.

  7. After the decided number of rounds, the player with the highest total score wins.

Strategy: Decide whether to take the risk and continue rolling or to stop and keep your current score. Too much greed can lead to over-harvesting or spoiling your pumpkin patch!

This game is a fun blend of chance and strategy, and the pumpkin theme makes it perfect for a fall evening with friends or family. Adjust the rules as needed to fit the preferences and skill levels of the players. Enjoy your Pumpkin Harvest Dice Game!


Jumbo Halloween Dice

So roll into BrycesDice.com, grab your set of Halloween-themed dice, and let the spooky games begin!

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