Vortex Snow Pink/Black 7-Die Set Lab Dice


SKU: 30031

Vortex Snow Pink/Black 

- Lab Set by Chessex

- Small quantity 



Quality: The previous batch had quality issues. Those are true here as well. These dice sets are HIGHLY limited. Some, or as I understand it MOST, will not be produced again. As such I cannot issue replacement pieces or sets for your dissatisfaction with a set. I suggest you contact Chessex with issues and they may or may not replace the pieces. Please inquire for that info. BrycesDice is NOT leaving you out to dry on unsatisfactory pieces. IF you find a set to be completely unworkable and useless for your needs I will give a full refund for a return of the item. This is out of courtesy to our amazing customers. The returned product will not enable me or anyone else to get a replacement set from Chessex, rather I will need to decide how to market the returned set and resell the set.

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