Leaf Fuschia/Yellow Luminary 7-Die Set Lab Dice Pre-order *Read Terms in Description*


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Leaf Fuschia/Yellow Luminary

- Lab Set by Chessex

- Small quantity 


Pre-Order Terms and Conditions:

Buy purchasing a pre-order right to one of the Chessex Wave 2 sets you are purchasing a spot in line to receive the dice at release from BrycesDice. This spot in line lends priority in a first come first serve basis. Last wave we filled EVERY order with dice to spare. That is expected to be the same this wave; HOWEVER, we have been given little information on how numbers will look this wave. As a result it may turn out that we are not allocated enough sets to meet demand. In such a case all orders will be filled until stock depletion. Remaining orders will be issued a FULL refund within 24 hours of final order fulfillment. **I fully expect to have enough dice for all order. I am limiting the total number of preorder, but expanding it from the previous. This clause is solely to protect BrycesDice and keep you, the consumer, entirely informed of the business dealings.**

Release Date: This has NOT been announced. While I expect the date to be given any day now it is currently unknown. Your preorder is good for as long as it takes. Refunds will be issued at any time the consumer wishes to back out. Last release I received an enormous number of emails and messages about release date. Although I am happy to field these, it would streamline the process if you first checked the listing information and information posted on IG, Facebook, and our subscriber newsletter. Once the release date hits they will ship the dice from the warehouse to my warehouse. That means I will begin filling orders only once they are in my procession. Last release all order were filled in a weekends time. That will be true here as well.

Quality: The previous batch had quality issues. Those are true here as well. These dice sets are HIGHLY limited. Some, or as I understand it MOST, will not be produced again. As such I cannot issue replacement pieces or sets for your dissatisfaction with a set. I suggest you contact Chessex with issues and they may or may not replace the pieces. Please inquire for that info. BrycesDice is NOT leaving you out to dry on unsatisfactory pieces. IF you find a set to be completely unworkable and useless for your needs I will give a full refund for a return of the item. This is out of courtesy to our amazing customers. The returned product will not enable me or anyone else to get a replacement set from Chessex, rather I will need to decide how to market the returned set and resell the set.

These terms are meant to give you, the consumer, all the information you need to make a conscious decision about preordering your new dice. BrycesDice is thrilled to have you consider our store. Please feel free to ask questions to BrycesDice@gmail.com Understand that if you delay preorder your spot in line will be further back. Allow 24 hours for replay from email as a backlog will be expected.

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