Random d6 Chessex Gaming RPG Yahtzee Dice Multi Colors Sizes Quality RARE


SKU: 322539318865

For sale today is random Chessex 6 sided Dice!



·    Dice are mixed in size and color. 



·    Picture shows the dice yours will be randomly selected from some of the dice are RARE and no longer produced by Chessex! Great opportunity for collectors! 

  These dice are selected from the Chessex the Pound of d6's that chessex supplies. Per the description on the bag understand that the dice are "a vast assortment of six-sided dice in various colors and varied quality." This being said understand while generally good in quality some may have minor defects. Feel free to ask questions on this. 



·    Most of the dice are 16mm or bigger!



·    Some of the dice (as pictured) are among the finest Chessex has to offer which means you have a chance at nabbing some of their most $$$ dice or never released dice! 




Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of Dice!

The Brands you Love!