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"Shiner" - The Prohibition Moonshining Game: Battle for the Booze Industry!

Step back into the roaring '20s, where jazz was the soundtrack and prohibition was the law. A time when underground bars were buzzing and the streets echoed with whispers about the finest moonshine in town. Welcome to "Shiner," the strategic card game from Wamwam Games that takes you into the heart of the moonshining business during the Prohibition era. Find the product listing here.

Brewing Strategy in Every Card

Presented in a compact and sleek package, "Shiner" is not just another card game. It's a carefully crafted dance of strategy and chance, as 2-3 players vie for control of the illicit hooch industry. Here's what you can expect:

  • Organize and Optimize: Strategize and plan the ideal organization. Every decision could lead you to become the biggest name in the business or land you behind bars.

  • Engage in Deceit: The game gets thrilling as players steal, swap, and lie to acquire the most skilled cooks and the best ingredients. Trust no one, because everyone wants a piece of the pie!

  • Build your Empire: The road to success isn't just about brewing the best moonshine. Hiring the best muscle and transportation can help you dominate, but you must always watch your back.

  • Raid and Conquer: Feeling cunning? Turn rat and employ the Feds to raid competing organizations. But be careful, for tables can turn swiftly!

With an average playtime of 15-30 minutes, "Shiner" promises a quick yet intense gameplay experience, ensuring you'll want to deal another round the moment you finish.

The Brains Behind the Brew

"Shiner" isn't just a product of imagination but a labor of love. Created by two passionate brothers from St. Louis, Missouri, the game pays homage to their love for history, strategy, and of course, tabletop games. Their meticulous attention to detail, combined with a thrilling gameplay dynamic, has made "Shiner" an instant hit amongst both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

Get Your Hands on "Shiner" Today!

Eager to dive into the world of prohibition-era moonshining? You're in luck! The game is available for purchase at So, grab your set and gather your friends. It's time to see who truly rules the world of moonshine!

Whiskey may have been prohibited back then, but "Shiner" guarantees barrels of fun in every game. Happy gaming!

Below was the previous post from 7/2/23. Above is the current post with the game fully funded! BrycesDice is proud to be the only retailer tier backer for this project. 


Recently, I had the please to meet with the creators of Shiner. As they say in the KS story: Shiner is an addictive, strategic micro card game from WAMWAM GAMES.  2-3 players battle for control of the hooch industry in this prohibition themed moonshine game.   

I wanted to share this game with you all, but also wanted to give you some insights on the WamWam brother duo. 


Motivation to make Shiner? 

Shiner started as a thought exercise. Phil was at our local game convention and another designer was talking about the 18 card game he was working on and he was fascinated. He had an hour drive home that night and another to get back in the morning and during that car ride the bones of Shiner started coming together. He has always been a big math guy so he knew that there are a lot of possible combinations in only 18 cards and we played a lot of poker when we were younger so I figured a good game format would be finding a fun way to assemble different card combinations in a 5 card hand.  As for the theme, prohibition era moonshining just seemed to fit with the mechanics of planning, stealing(cooking), and revealing a hand. 
We actually didn't plan to bring Shiner to Kickstarter or to get published soon, but we connected with a concept artist (who goes by Viknose), loved the design and changed up our plans

What's your company about?
Games have always been a catalyst for our family bonding, from Trivial Pursuit at thanksgiving, to playing Yugio on playstation in our parents basement growing up. Some of the best memories we have involve cards, boards, and dice. Our decision to go from players to designers came about after attending GenCon in 2019, and after a week of new games, during the car ride home, we started talking through our first attempt at game design. Not long after being confined to our homes with not much else to do we both buckled down and made our scattered car conversation into a playable game...and it was actually fun, but beyond our capital to produce, so we moved onto other design ideas we had. Many of those will never see the light of a game table but a few were good enough to produce so in 2021 we decided to share our creations with the world...meaning that by late 2022 our first game was polished, published, and printed.
I think we would both agree that the decision to go from player, to designer, to where we are now as an indie game publisher had a lot to do with the feeling we always got learning/teaching a new game at family gatherings. Our family is very diverse in terms of every possible viewpoint under the sun, the one thing that always held us together was a game on the table. No matter our disagreements, the sound of dice rattling in a Yatzee cup always brings a feeling of belonging. That is the feeling we want to share with the world through our games.
Other odds and ends about what makes you guys unique?
We are brothers who grew to be close through our shared love of games of all sorts. It is probably safe to say that we would love each other no matter what but sometimes it's our shared love of games that makes it possible to like each other (mostly a joke but not totally). 
Since as far back as I (Phill) can remember Jake has been taking different games and adding a "what if" component to try and add extra layers of fun. When we were kids it was adding a dexterity component to checkers, as a young adult it was making little homebrew changes to our DND games but it was always a welcome addition.
I (Phill) have worked in some form of youth activity planning since 2010. Fun has been a study of love for me for over a decade. As a camp counselor and after school activity director it was a daily goal of mine to find something new and fun for the youth in my charge to experience. With 13 years of experience in creating unique experiences for youth and adults alike I have learned a great deal about what makes something fun. I have discovered that negative based fun is easy and cheap but not very fulfilling. Positive based fun sometimes takes a little planning but in the end even being the "loser" of the game has a degree of positive feeling with it. It is this positive based fun that is my goal in every game that we design.
Links in this post may go to, the Shiner KS page, or other affiliate links. Revenue may go to BrycesDice LLC for affiliate links. At the writing of this post, BrycesDice LLC is not receiving revenue from links to Shiner. My hope is that you will help support this local (to me) gaming duo jump start their game crafting business. 

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