Wave 3: 6-Pack Gemini Polyhedral 7-Die Lab Pre-order *Read Terms in Description*


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30019 Gemini® Polyhedral Copper-Turquoise/white 7-Die Set 601982019358

30020 Gemini® Polyhedral Mint Green-White/orange 7-Die Set 11.98 601982019365

30021 Gemini® Polyhedral Orange-Purple/white 7-Die Set 11.98 601982019372

30022 Gemini® Polyhedral Red-White/blue 7-Die Set     
11.98 601982019389

30023 Gemini® Polyhedral Gel Green-Pink/blue 7-Die Set 11.98 601982019396

30024 Gemini® Polyhedral Red-Yellow/gold 7-Die Set 11.98    601982019402


Lab Dice Wave 3 Preorder Conditions

  • Your preorder is a place in line for a set(s) of dice, not a guarantee
    • If Chessex issues a less than expected stock your order may be subjected to a refund without dice or a partial order/ refund if some of the sets are available.
    • These numbers will not be known until they arrive.
  • Expected arrival: JANUARY 2020
  • Preorder by December 18th 
  • If you order any non-preorder dice with the preorder dice please note that the order will only ship when the entire order is in stock.
    • Please order non-preorder items separately if you wish to get them sooner.
  • Expected Stock: Chessex says that they expect their allocations to be fixed this go around. I interpret this to mean that most if not all preorders will be filled without issue, but there is no guarantee.
    • I fought for a guarantee. No dice.
  • Please address any and all questions to BrycesDice@gmail.com
    • Note that response times vary during the holiday season, but I will get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity I can.

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