NEW 55mm Transparent Emerald Green Giant Jumbo Large D20 Life Counter Dice RPG

Koplow Games

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NEW 55mm Transparent Emerald Green Gold Giant Jumbo Large D20 Life Counter Dice MTG RPG



·      For sale today is this epic GIGANTIC 20 sided die.



·      Koplow calls this die “Emerald Gold” which is because the die is green and the numbering is gold. BUT it is worth pointing out that holding this die feels like your holding a giant Emerald. It has a fair amount of weight and there is just something about its outstanding quality that makes your realize you have something special.



·      It is my belief that all dice collectors need one of these in their collection (I am totally not biased! =)). I also have Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire colors in my shop in case the Emerald just doesn’t do it for you.



·      Thanks for looking. Add this item to your watch list if you don’t end up buying today because this set is to cool to totally pass up.



Please let me know if you have any questions!







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