"Intense Sparkles" 7-Dice Set (Multiple Options) *Pre-Order* Guaranteed!


SKU: GBD1001

"Intense Sparkles" 7-Dice Set

-  7- Dice sets as seen in the picture

-  Super intense glitter looks

-  3 Color options with complementary ink to the intense glitter effect!.

-  Made of Resin

-  Dice are generally branded and carry the BrycesDice name as the "Vendor Name" in order to give them a place in the sites system and show I carry them in perminance. 

-  SKU Numbers

   - Green: GBD1001

   - Blue: GBD1002

   - Purplish//Pink GBD1003



1. All orders are guaranteed. I have ordered enough to accommodate all orders.

2. Orders with multiple items (some not preorder) all ship at one time... when these dice come in. If you want immediate shipping on non preorders please order separately. 

3. Prices are preorder only. Once in stock prices go up... Act now to save!

4. Dice should be in and ship within 2 weeks. Expected to ship by November 15, but this could take longer if shipping is delayed. 

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